The REAL Reasons Why People Get Fat or Overweight

overweight woman bodyMind, I make a difference between weight gain and fat gain; being fat, that is having too much fat tissue in the body, and as for overweight definition, that is being too heavy for one’s height. Overweight people usually have too much fat, that’s true, but there are other aspects as well.

However much I wanted to dive into the depths, secrets, and nuances of weight reduction, we have to go over some basics here. Surprisingly, not many people are actually aware how the body gains fat and weight, and what are the reasons for it.

Yeah, yeah, I already hear your panting about consuming more calories than burning, eating lots of sweet things and bakery, and similar shit I hear even from seasoned fitness bunnies sweating their assess in gyms for hours. Well, this is exactly why they HAVE to sweat in gyms for HOURS, having no idea what is the reason of their fails.

Weight Gain Lesson 1. Poop Is The King

Being fat and being overweight is NOT the same thing. Surprised? I hope not. The thing is that some people do not actually have a lot of fat tissue in their bodies, and still they have huge weight and suffer all the consequences of this condition, like cardiovascular issues, and so on. Yes, for sure, the most widespread reason for overweight is…

Nope, not fat. Suprise! its poop. Yes, you read this correctly. It is pounds of old feces collected and dried in the bowels. Most people over 30 years of age already carry about 5 kgs of feces in their system. Over 5 kgs! With time, and without measures taken, this number grows, the weight grows, and amount of problem grows.

Obviously, with intestinal tract full of feces, people weight more, have a bigger volume of their abdomen. Have you seen people with seemingly nice shape, but larger volume of the belly? That’s most probably the case.

Excited? Poop rules in the case of gaining excessive weight. Let’s move on.

Weight Gain Lesson 2. Real Aquaman

Water is the next main reason of being overweight. Yup, it is often combined with excessive tissues and also with dried poop in the belly (gosh, woman, stop talking about poop, we’ve got it – that’s what you think, hey?). But these problems in majority of cases go hand in hand. People who are overweight often sweat a lot, their body is too full of water. They have disbalance of salts in their systems, and the kidneys don’t seem to work fine, as the result, too much water creates additional weight and additional body burden.

Weight Gain Lesson 3. Vicious Cycle

Toxic and unclean lymphatic system, and lymphatic fluid, is the third reason for becoming overweight. Toxins themselves do not weigh much, but they interfere into performance of all body systems and slow down the metabolism. With slower metabolism, the body starts to additionally gain fat tissues. So it is a vicious cycle.

Disbalance in water processing, toxicity and overall the issue of OVERWEIGHT is often associated with endocrine disbalance – or peculiarities of the body. In some cases, indeed, the bones weigh a lot. Yes, there is a joke that bones can’t hang over the belt of your jeans. But sometimes this is how it works. But in most cases, poop is the king here. These cases really need a doctor in the first place. 

Myths About Fat

Now let’s move to the most dreaded word in the fitness bunny’s world – FAT. Spooky. 


Nothing mysterious here. Again, there are the two main cases – when the fat tissues are gained fast and abruptly, and when the amount of fat grows slowly. The first case is also probably the endocrine profile issue and needs a doctor. The second case is, I guess, 90% of all who has too much fat.

Ok, everybody know this shit about people gain fat because they eat too much, they do not move enough, so fat accumulates. We will not dive into the nuances of body mechanisms right now. Instead, we will talk about REAL, FIRST AND FOREMOST reasons why people start eating too much, not moving enough, and accumulate fat.

Weight Gain Myth 1. Stuff Your Face

It is a major belief that people who have excessive fat are simply gobblers. They eat all the time, they eat low-quality food, blah-blah-blah.

Now my questions, have you ever seen a twiggy-like girl (or boy, whatever) eating at McDonalds each and every day without gaining a pound? I have. And I’m not one of them witches. Neither are you if you are here.

Eating QUITE a lot is often not the case.

Weight Gain Myth 2. Move Your Ass

People are lazy butts and do not exercise enough, that’s the reason why their weight (sorry, fat) grows. Right?


Again, let’s go back to the field research. Have you ever met a person who hates to exercise, who may even not be able to run for ⅓ of a mile without having their heart jumping out of their mouth, and still they do not have excessive fat, and do not keep to a diet? I have. They are witches too. Whatever.

Turn it all around – do you know, say, a mother of two, who MOVES all day long, taking her kids to school in the morning, doing all this morning stuff, then going to do her job, especially if it is a lower-paid one, working hard all day long, then back home and doing all the house chores, falling on her bed at night exhausted? How often these people have excessive weight and fat? 75% of cases!

Moving a lot, all the time, working out hard physically is not a guarantee of losing fat.

Weight Gain Myth 3. Sugar 

Eating too much sweets and bakery causes fat accumulation? Really? Have you ever seen a brutal man in his 40s, eating only real men’s food like meat, drinking only real men’s beverages, and opening a bottle of beer with his teeth? Do those people eat chocolates and buns so often? Maybe at night, under their blanket, when everybody else is asleep. And still, such people also accumulate body fat!

So sweets is not the main reason, either!

I very much try to support the intrigue here.

Ta-daaaaaaaah! Learn the REAL reasons why people start accumulating fat in the first place.

Weight Gain REASON 1. Pleasure Number One

Person’s life is boring.

Yes, this is that simple.

A lot of people live a boring life. They can enjoy wonderful vacations now and then, travel, and so on, but on an average daily basis, the routine is boring. Nothing excites or thrills them, making their blood run faster. Food, as a basic need, is also one of the most variable pleasures for human beings, with thousands of options available for pleasure and satisfaction. So food becomes pleasure number one.

When there is no excitement, different fun activities seem synthetic and artificial, the boring routine hold firm, and it is always easier to get the 99% guaranteed pleasure in the comfort of one’s home, or in the favourite restaurant, instead of risking one’s emotional comfort trying to do something new. This is how it works. People whose life is boring do not rush to the mountains for snowboarding, to get their thrill back. When everything seems boring, you stick to tested pleasures, to avoid additional disappointment.

Weight Gain REASON 2. The Only Relief

Person’s life is full of stress.

Stress can be different, but in this case, this is negative stress. And it does not mean a person is extremely nervous and is “on the edge”. On the surface, nothing special happens. Just tired at work, just using public transport and stuck in a jam, just bumped into a rude cashier in the supermarket, and this repeats itself again and again.

Food, again, as a basic necessity, gives the feeling of safety, relief, and comfort. This is how our ancient brain works: I have been hunting for mammoths all day long, but since I have food in my cave, the life is fine. Food may not be particularly a pleasure, people can stuff with low-quality products without noticing what they eat, at all, because they are so stressed out.

Another problem is that imagining themself on a diet, limited in food supply is impossible for such person. That is too much stress, and they already feel exhausted.

Weight Gain REASON 3. Nutrition Without Nutrition

Food one eats is poor in nutrients.

This is rather simple. Despite the fact that one gets meals as we are accustomed, like three times a day, one constantly feels hungry, and starts to get constant snacks, chewing something all the time, and still without a result. Modern western diet, if not specifically healthy, and not enriched with superfoods and vitamins, often lacks what our body need for building and restoring themselves. This is especially true for teenagers, pregnant women, or people on rehabilitation.

The problem is that products can be poor in nutrients, but rich in fats, proteins, and sugars, which means they do not provide cells with building materials, but allow to accumulate fats.

Weight Gain REASON 4. Fat Family Mafia

Family traditions in cooking, consuming food, and having parties may contribute a lot into one’s gaining weight and accumulating fat. One may have a nice life, not boring, not very much stressed, have a moderate physical activity which is just fine, and eat fresh home-cooked local food. And be fat and overweight, because it is a family tradition to gather in the evening and have a party-supper for an hour or so. People manage to stretch their stomachs and consume far more food that their actually need for everyday living. Hello, fatty belly!

Final Thoughts

Although physiologically, and mechanically, there are only several strictly clear routes HOW the body accumulates fat, there are plenty of reasons WHY it starts to do so.

Sometimes, it is illness.

Sometimes, it is metabolism peculiarities.

Sometimes, it is poop (yes, I had to say this!)

But most often, the mechanisms of fat accumulation are activated by social and psychological reasons.

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