Update Your Fat Like A Pro: Replace Harmful Fats With Healthy Fats

After reading my previous blog post called “How Much Time Is Needed To Lose How Much Weight”, my friend who is dieting and doing her workouts asked me about healthy fats:

“How should I limit the intake of healthy fats, like in olive oil, avocados, or salmon? These are useful”

The very first thing I really have to emphasize is that what I meant in that blog post were HARMFUL fats. Most of us eat so much harmful and useless fats, that the percent of healthy fats is ridiculously small. So, the very first thing you have to do, is replace harmful fats by healthy fat foods.

Nutrition – Harmful Fats + Healthy Fats = You Are Awesome!

followed keto for healthy fats

The problem is that heavy harmful fats (like fried foods, fast foods, confectionery fats, even milk fats) are not bad by themselves, but have an additional load of ingredients that do all the shit. The worst thing in harmful fats is that they are often

  • oncogenic
  • pile your system up with heavy toxic chemical compounds
  • hard for your liver and pancreatic gland to manage

(Send love to your eggs and bacon every morning!)

The worst combination is having all fats mixed together in one meal – fried beef or pork (animal fat) with cheese (animal fat but also milk fat which needs different chemical reaction for the body to utilize it), and salad with olive oil (plant fat). Your body needs pretty different enzymes to break all these fats down. If your liver is fine, and you function well, you won’t have problems with eating this – until you grow a bit older, or your immune system glitches, or you drink an odd glass of wine.

Healthy Fats: Smart Shopping and Cooking

Another issue is eating too much packaged foods like premade meals, or just packaged products you don’t have to cook. Let’s compare, say, sausages and raw chicken fillet. Sausages are mostly already cooked, all you need to do is boil or microwave them. While boiling chicken fillet, on the other hand, you will be able to pour the water with fat in it away, and the piece of chicken will have considerably less fat. When cooking any product that has fat, or is usually cooked using fat (like fries), think of ways to get by without fat. Bake instead of frying, use steam cooking, or grill.

Healthy Fats: Read What You Eat

Well, not everybody can cook at home every day, I totally get that. And there are so many tasty things out there in the shop, packaged and waiting for us. What you can do is start READING the package. Pay attention how much fat does each product contain. If more than 30g for 100g of weight – don’t buy this one. It is your daily dose of fats, just in one product! Look for less fatty analogue. This is how you can limit your harmful fats intake already on the stage of shopping.

Healthy Fats: Human Fat Is the Best

Relax, no human sacrifice today.

When people get worried that “their body will not get enough fats”, the first thing they have to do is look in the mirror. If they are not bag of bones, the average amount of products they usually eat totally covers their need for fats, and the body is also encouraged to burn its own fats.

As human milk is the best for feeding human babies, your own human fat deposited in your cells is totally fine to meet your body’s needs.

Firstly, unless you are really fanatic, you won’t eliminate all fats from your diet. The amount left is more than enough for the daily needs. In case you are at least a bit overweight, you have to stimulate your body to burn your own fat, for your own good. The quality of your own lipids stored under skin is totally fine for your own organs and tissues. This is so natural.

Secondly, even if you do manage to eliminate ALL fats from your diet, to burn only your own reservoirs, you can think of getting a teaspoon of healthy fats just every now and then. Not every day.

From Drug Addicts To Athletes… and Back

There are cases, when a drug addict fights his addiction, manages it, starts living a normal life successfully, then starts doing sports and suddenly plunges back into addition. All friends and relatives are in panic, and all the situation seems counterintuitive. However, it is not.

Like any toxic elements, drugs, and even alcohol toxins, get caught in underskin fat layers. This is another protective mechanism of the body. When the organs of elimination cannot manage the load of toxins, the body tries to put them aside in fat depots. It is much like swiping the dirt under the rug, planning to clean it later (or not). These toxins stay there sometimes for years, but the moment these fat layers start to be burned, all minuscule parts of drugs enter the bloodstream. They are not enough to make the person high, but enough to cause craving. This is basically the same as having a dose again.

When the organs of elimination cannot manage the load of toxins, the body tries to put them aside in fat depots. It is much like swiping the dirt under the rug, planning to clean it later (or not).

Healthy Fats: Update Your Fats

We are not drug addicts here (hopefully. And chocolate is NOT a drug! Its legal, right?), but we all, too, accumulate toxins in our underskin layers. Those people who are really overweight probably have layers of fat tissue over their internal organs, and keep their toxins there as well. And the more time we keep those fats “not updated”, the more toxins we collect there.

Have you ever started working out and suddenly felt really bad and dizzy, or perhaps something went wrong with you after the workout? Some people think it was their cardiovascular system or whatever. In fact, the problem may be that your workout was a Titanic crushing into a piece of fat on your belly, chopping of a block of toxins and pushing it into the bloodstream to eliminate. You can feel like you’re having a hangover, and you probably do. This may be an echo of that crazy party a month ago.

In fact, the problem may be that your workout was a Titanic crushing into a piece of fat on your belly, chopping of a block of toxins and pushing it into the bloodstream to eliminate.

You should burn your old fat tissues from time to time, on a regular basis, even if you are ok with your weight. It means that you have to decrease your weight, say, once a year, in summer, or whenever you can do that comfortably, and slowly lose about 2-3 kgs. After that, you can slowly gain them again and keep the weight till next time.

High-Quality Lipids

To have your endocrine system, and all metabolism, going, your fat tissues have to be clean, free of toxins, to prevent these toxins from interaction with the hormones. Many hormones produced by the body depend on fat tissues (female hormones specifically). In case you consume too much meat and chicken you have not raised yourself (I doubt you have), you add growth hormones of this cow, pig, or chicken, into your system, including fats. They start influencing your own endocrine profile, causing havoc.

Yes, I am a vegetarian, but I do not expect you to become a vegetarian as well.
Just make sure the meat, chicken and fish you eat are of high quality, and cooked properly.
And still make sure 60% of your fats are plant fats.

So, any fats consumed should be healthy; and the best option is plant oils. Avocados, seeds and nuts are fine. Olive oil is not the best, though, since there are flax oil and sesame oil that contain tons of useful elements, crucial for our bodies. Salmon is not bad, as well, but it can be treated with toxic substances to keep it fresh in the shop.

Healthy Fats: You Need Much Less Than a Bucket

Healthy lipids are precious and necessary for us not because they are fats, but because they contain chemicals our own glands do not produce. However, the amount of these chemicals needed on a daily basis is far from half a bucket, so stop freaking out about eating “enough” healthy fats.

But how much to eat, then?

Well, let’s recall the numbers of fat being burned by the body. On average, we burn a tablespoon of fats each day, if we follow our diet and avoid harmful fats in food. To meet the need in elements from healthy fats, you can take a teaspoon of flax oil every two days.

2 days = 2 tablespoons of fat burned – 1 teaspoon of fats consumed = (30g+30g burned) – 5g consumed = 55g of fat still burned! You are awesome!

If you both keep to the diet and visit gym, the formula will be

100g per day burned – 5g per day consumed = 95g per day still burned! You are Awesome!

You can eat a piece of salmon or a whole avocado from time to time as well, having your underskin fats still reduced.

Hope this post managed to cover the question how to limit the fats, how to replace harmful fats with healthy fats, and how much healthy fats you need.

If you have any questions or issues, comment or email me, because there may be nuances I am not able to cover within one single blog post.

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