How To Gain Healthy Weight Without Gym

This Weight Gain Book Shows How To Gain Healthy Weight… Without Gym, Without Expensive Products, Even If You Have Been Skinny Forever, and Have a Busy Lifestyle!


It is believed that all women want to lose weight, BUT THIS IS NOT TRUE.

Inability to gain healthy fat is a real problem for many girls and women around the globe.

  • Being skinny, lacking feminine curves, having health issues due to low weight is what makes hundreds of young girls and women depressed and feeling desperate.
  • Not liking self in the mirror, being “skin and bone”, feeling like an eternal teenager is what makes hundreds of girls and women desire to gain some healthy weight.
  • Low physical strength, no ability or no desire to workout in gym, no desire to lift heavy weights is what makes these girls unable to grow muscle mass the conventional way. 

Luckily, the book that throws light on healthy weight gain for women has eventually been written.

It will teach you how to gain 5+ kgs/ 12+ lbs of healthy weight (or more!) without gym, and get softer curves already in 1-1,5 months!

To learn how to gain some healthy weight, check out this new Book!

Hello! My name is Ivanka, and I am a professional dancer and athlete, and a weight management expert.

Despite the fact that most of my time I try to prevent my weight from growing, there were three periods in my life when I needed to gain weight desperately (more on these stories of mine in the book!). As a result, I have managed to develop a simple yet efficient system that enables any girl to tweak her lifestyle and gain some desired weight comparatively fast.

If you would like to get more pronounced shapes and curves, become and feel more feminine, and perhaps improve your health, this Book is for you!


To gain some healthy weight, you DON’T need to:

  • hire a personal coach
  • workout in gym till you faint  
  • do hard and complicated exercise
  • buy special clothes
  • buy special fitness accessories  
  • eat unusual foods
  • waste tons of money on exotic foods or protein cocktails
  • cook unusual and complicated meals   
  • buy expensive cosmetic products

You are able to gain healthy fat by educating yourself on how your body burns and accumulates energy, by getting valuable insights into eating and moving, and by adapting this knowledge to your lifestyle.  

This Weight Gain Book is based on the Gain Weight Course that was taken by dozens of my subscribers, and on the Weight Gain Marathon that I held in February and March 2019. The response to the Course and the Marathon was just ridiculously overwhelming, so I decided to share my experience with more people, and wrote this book.


This is an unusual book, firstly, because it is on how to gain healthy weight without workout, and secondly, because the first goal of it is to educate. This book will teach you on how your body works, what can prevent it from weight gain, what will help it gain weight, and how you should act to make that happen. You will not find a primitive set of advice there. This Book is made to change your life, that is why it takes such a thorough and fundamental approach to your weight gain.

Plus, this book is very easy to read. It has 92 pages of pure and comprehensive information, and you will be able to start your journey already the same evening!

So here’s what you get in the book:

  • three crucial issues you should manage to enable your body to gain weight 
  • skin care routines that will secure your skin from damage while you are gaining weight 
  • why you should start with your nutrition and not work out 
  • the very first aspect to change about nutrition, and why
  • two options for healthy weight gain, and which one will work for you the best 
  • one dangerous health condition you will definitely face when gaining weight, and how to manage it safely and effectively 
  • what to do if you suddenly stopped gaining weight despite following all the routines as previously
  • how to stop gaining weight after you have enough, and do not want to become overweight
  • emotional aspect of weight gain, and your real motivation

This Weight Gain Book dives into all reasons, mechanisms, aspects, and pitfalls you need to know about on your journey to a stronger and healthier body. You will get the most important insights and the most effective ways of increasing your weight in a healthy way.

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What to do next?

As soon as you order the book, you will get instant access to it, and can read it anywhere and anytime!

The book does not cost much, and you might think this is pretty cheap, but there is no catch. The point is, I would like to make this book available to more people who wants to improve their shapes.

You see, years ago, when I needed some instructions desperately, most of the books and courses were just out of my financial reach. I wish I was able to invest into myself and buy education I needed so badly, earlier in life… So this is exactly the reason why I set this affordable price for the book.

I just want to be sure that people who wants it will be able to buy it. 

Check out the Weight Gain Book, and you won’t regret it.