Get Rid Of Cellulitis

Cellulitis is one of those pain in the ass issues that many women want to manage, but they just can’t. Let’s talk about cellulitis, why it is so resistant to any routines, and what you can eventually do with it.

First of all, remember that 90% of all women in the world have cellulitis in a more or less visible form, and about 85% of these women cannot make it go away completely.

Cellulitis is my problem as well, I can see it when I squeeze the muscles on my thighs and also on my butt. However, I do a bunch of routines that prevent it from becoming worse, and honestly, I do not worry much about this little cellulitis I’ve got. Because I know almost everyone has it! Only teenage girls can boast they have no cellulitis at all!

If somebody does not like my cellulitis ass, I don’t care. Maybe I don’t like something about them either. I also have tiger stripes on my thighs, just in case you wanted to know. So, no Miss Perfection here.

But what is cellulitis, and what casuses cellulitis, eventually?


What Is Cellulitis

First of all, let’s make sure we know the terms.

Cellulitis is a cosmetic defect caused by specific location of fats under skin, which makes the skin surface look dimpled and lumpy. Cellulitis is not dangerous for health, and it was considered a problem until, I guess, 21st century when women eventually started showing their asses on the beach in bikini.

Cellulitis, however, is a potentially severe bacterial infection that mostly affects the skin on legs, makes the legs swollen and painful to touch. It also looks much uglier than cellulitis (don’t google it, but I know you will still google, so here you go).

As I have already explained, cellulitis was not a big deal, well, actually was not paid attention to at all before we all got undressed, and the humanity decided that asses without dimples look better than those with dimples.

Cellulitis is a condition when fats start to be stored immediately under the skin. The point is, the majority of fats are stored in fat cells located in strictly identified places. Each person inherits this map of fats location, and in women, lower part of the body, including lower belly, is usually heavier due to fat depots. When we are younger, these fat depots are kept in good condition, but with age, time, and damage, fat cells can occur closer to skin. Their ability to store fats equally also becomes impacted, and eventually we get uneven fat deposits right under the skin. Plus, these deposits can become even bigger and lumpier due to accumulation of liquid in these areas.


There is a bunch of reasons for developing cellulitis:

  • genetics, including location and volume of fat deposits, sensitive skin, sensitive blood vessels, weak connective tissue, ability to accumulate water, etc. – all these factors make you more susceptible to developing cellulitis.
  • poor blood, lymph, and water circulation – poor circulation means fats accumulation and also accumulation of wastes and toxins under the skin.
  • lack of physical activity – leads to fats accumulation
  • obesity – no comments
  • poor diet – leads to accumulation of fats and toxins, ruins the connective tissues
  • toxins in the body – accumulate under the skin together with fats and water
  • endocrine system disbalance – due to stress, birth control pills, pregnancy, delivery or breastfeeding – impact the ability of the body to process the fats properly.
  • long hours of sitting – damages the muscles and fat depots, breaks the connective tissue, resulting in cellulitis.
  • lots of salt and sugar in diet – make the body accumulate water
  • drinking alcohol – make the body accumulate water and toxins
  • smoking – impacts the condition of blood vessels, impacts blood circulation

So, to prevent development of cellulitis or aggravation of the current condition, you have to:

  • fix your diet, make it healthier
  • avoid alcohol and smoking
  • reduce sugar and salt
  • increase physical activity
  • detoxify
  • stimulate blood flow and lymph flow

As it becomes obvious already now, cellulitis is a consequence of genetics + lifestyle. While we cannot impact genetics, lifestyle can undergo certain corrections.

And this is exactly the reason why all those fancy-shmancy anti-cellulitis creams and serums never work as promised. They treat only the surface of the skin, and reach just a bit deeper under the skin, but they just can’t fix your eating, drinking, smoking, sitting.

Have you seen famous actresses and even top models with cellulitis? Exactly. Imagine, if these women, whose job generally depends on their appearance, and who has enough resources to get the best care, still have cellulitis – what are the chances an average cream will work for you? I guess close to zero.

It does not mean you have to fall into despair.

It means if you want to change your cellulitis, you need to take a systematic approach.


Cellulitis Treatment Through Physical Training

Cellulitis can be improved via physical training in two ways.

The first way is to do cardio, sweat, and burn some fat. The more fat you burn, the more chances you have to reduce the fats accumulated under the skin.

However, even skinny top-models have cellulitis, although they are almost skin and bone. Why? Because they lack muscle. Muscle creates volume, and shapes the body, flattening the layer of fats.

So, the second way to manage cellulitis via physical training is workout with weights. Go to the gym, hire a coach and ask them to help you grow the muscle mass on your butt and thighs. When your muscles are bigger, the layer of fats under the skin gets spread more evenly, and visually you get a better view.

Together with cardio and workout, you have to tweak your diet.


Cellulitis Treatment Via Diet

If you are obese or overweight, go and follow the diet for weight loss.

If you are not obese or overweight, but still have cellulitis, tweak your diet the following way:

  • reduce salt and sugar in your diet
  • reduce coffee and black tea
  • reduce or avoid alcohol
  • drink more pure water (but not more than 2 litres a day)
  • eat more fruit and vegetables
  • avoid fried meals
  • avoid fast-food and junk food
  • limit red meat for several weeks while you are dealing with cellulitis
  • watch the amount of fats you consume

I know this sounds terrifying, but these are facts. If you stumble upon “one product that will reduce your cellulitis forever”, and tend to believe into this, I’m sorry to tell you this won’t work.

My own cellulitis has reduced considerably after I became a vegetarian. This is a considerably shift in diet and approach to food. If you are really irritated with your cellulitis, you should take an approach that serious as well.

In addition to diet and workout, you need to improve your skin care routine. And here, I have some good news for you.


Cellulitis Treatment Via Skin Care

The first good news is that you do not need any complicated or expensive SPA procedures or skin care products. If you can and want to afford them – good, but you don’t need to.

The second good news you will most probably like these routines, and repeating them on a regular basis will not become a torture for you.

So, the first step to take is take a pause and remove all mass market cosmetics for cellulitis treatment for now. Just put it back on the shelf and let the body rest from it.

Instead, buy yourself three products – a good natural shower brush or shower puff, a jar of coconut oil or olive oil, and a bottle of essential oil.

Use the brush or puff before the shower, when the skin is still dry. Massage your thighs, glutes, and lower belly with long circular movements, from down to up. Try not to damage the skin. Also, avoid pressing too much or moving the brush back and forth chaotically. You can tear the underskin connective tissue and make the condition worse instead of better.

Now, after the dry massage, take a shower.

After the shower, apply fatty oil mixed with essential oil, on your “problem areas” as body cream.

I recommend one of the following essential oils:

  • sandal
  • rose
  • tea tree
  • neroli
  • limette
  • orange
  • tangerine
  • grapefruit
  • lemon
  • bergamot

Before you apply it on large areas of skin, try a drop or two on the inner side of your elbow and check if you have allergic reaction. If yes, do not use this oil.

I strongly recommend to avoid mint, cinnamon and pepper oils. if you apply them on large areas of skin, especially after shower, they will burn like fire. I warned you.

Make sure you do not use it on private parts, because again, it may give the sensation of burning or itching.


Very Important!

Please be careful with natural oils and essential oils, because they tend to ruin the latex used for condoms. So if you are going to have sex after the shower, and you use condoms, better do the routine in the morning.


What Not To Do

One of the worst things you can do for cellulitis is rough and traumatizing massage. By pressing and squashing the skin and tissues under the skin, you can ruin already weak and damaged blood vessels, tear the connective tissues, and have yourself bruises and edemas instead of smooth skin. Yeah, rough massages do work for some, but at least find a trusted expert for this procedure, do not do that yourself.

Another bad idea is to starve yourself to lose as much weight as possible. Remember, even skinny models have cellulitis! You won’t solve the problem by becoming skin and bone, because your cellulitis can be treated with weight loss only if you are initially obese. Women with average weight will not see much improvement with their cellulitis after strict dieting.


How Much Time Is Needed?

I would not expect fast results.

Some routines will give a faster effect, some will take time to cause improvement. Overall, I believe you should give yourself about 2-3 months to get a considerable improvement on cellulitis.

Before you start doing anything, you should better visit your doctor and get a professional consultation. Perhaps the doctor will check your endocrine system and finds a disbalance there. You will treat the disbalance, and the cellulitis issue will improve without all this fuss I have described.

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