Gain Weight: Week 5 Summary

Weight on Day 1 – 56,8 kgs / 125,2 lbs

Weight on Day 7 – 57,4 kgs / 126,5 lbs

Total gain – 0,6 kgs / 1,3 lbs


This week was pretty much the same, nothing particularly outstanding happened.

I had several episodes of light acidosis, but I drank pickle-juice immediately and the metabolism was restored quickly.

I also feel really big and thick in waist, and it is sometimes hard to bend for me, because of the fat on the sides.

On the other hand, I like the look of my thighs as they look really feminine and curvy, especially in a tight dress (yeah I wear tight dresses even being bigger for 5 kgs!)

Generally I’m impressed with myself; I knew that I will get bigger and that in average I will gain about 1 kg each week, but I already forgot how it feels like getting weight on and being so heavy.

The last time I was 57 kgs was 12 years ago. A lot of time ago.

One more week ahead and I guess 1 more kilogram of fat on my sides.


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