Gain Weight: Week 3 Summary

And so it happened that I failed to write a blog post for daily progress.

So let’s look at the whole Week 3 in one post.

During this week, the progress in weight gain was made from 54,6kgs/120,4 lbs on Day 1 to 55,8kgs/ 123 lbs on Day 7.

On the pics, you can actually see how my belly and sides grow fatter, and I also have to say that my ass became as big as a ship.



The results of the week:

  1. my underwear is definitely too small now
  2. my ass does not fit into my home pants
  3. I feel my belly, sides, thighs and even ankles shake as I walk
  4. I feel heavier, but also warmer
  5. My skin quality is very good, no oily skin on face, no tiger stripes on the belly and hips, well done
  6. I had a feeling I was going sick because of a flue or smth, but the symptoms were gone in 1 day, I dunno what it was
  7. No ketoacidosis recorded
  8. My lower back hurts a bit, I think it is because I sit a lot working, but also due to increased weight of the body
  9. I feel particularly funny and weird boasting my fat sides. All my life, I tried to hide any sign of overweight, and kept to the Skinny as Superpower rules all the times. Now, I plan to put on my swimming suit and go to a pool when I gain the most weight during the Marathon! So weird.

I continue to work on the weight gain meal plans and book. My own weight gain journey during this 6 weeks Marathon reminded me of many things about weight management, and I also learned a lot of new things. These insights are so important that I cannot but share them with those for whom weight gain is hard.






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