Gain Weight: Week 2 Day 6

skinny as superpowerWeight: 54,4 kgs / 119,9 lbs

Obviously, my weight changes from one day to the other, and this is the reason why everybody who wants to gain or lose weight should not check it every day.

Finding out that all your efforts during the previous day were in vain is pretty depressing.

I check my weight every day and don’t get disappointed much if I see no progress, because I know what exactly to tweak, and that tomorrow, I will see positive change.

However, I know many people get so obsessed with their daily progress that take each step back as a personal catastrophe. And yet, the body is not a machine, it flows and can make two steps forward and then one step backward, and this is normal.

Also, today my coconut butter was delivered to me, and I guess my drop in weight was due to lack of high quality plant fats in my diet the previous day.

I spend a lot of time in Instagram lately, because I post the stuff and have conversations going in DM, and one of my fellow bloggers has posted a video today, talking about her weight gain. Yeah, surprisingly she also goes through her personal challenge in weight gain.

And what she said was super important for everybody who wants to gain weight, she said “If you are initially skinny, and you want to gain some muscle mass… start from eating well in the first place.” I really recommend everybody who wants to gain weight to start eating more, eating enough, in the first place.

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