Gain Weight: Week 2 Day 2

Weight: 54,3 kgs /119,7 lbs

Today is Saturday, and we had a lot to do about the house, including shopping and going back and forth around the grocery market. It meant I was going to burn lots of energy, so, to avoid losing my precious fat, I decided to take the energy with me.

I recalled I have a plastic bottle for gainer that I bought when I started visiting gym two years ago. I do not use chemical gainers, so I just added my high-energy sweet tea and took the bottle with me. And it worked.

Generally, when trying to gain weight, one has to take their energy consumption seriously. Ideally, they should move a bit less, and take food with them if they expect energy losses during a trip, shopping, or whatever.

In my case, this is easier, because currently I am working from home. However, I also consider my energy consumption and try not to forget taking nutritious food or drink with me.


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