Gain Weight: Week 1 Day 6

Weight: 53,8 kgs / 118,6 lbs

I made a mistake yesterday and decided to start working out to increase my muscle mass in hips.

Unfortunately, I forgot that working muscles will burn the fats, so, I have to result to boast about today.

However, it is more important to consider WHY I decided to work out.

And the reason is, I became concerned about how I look.

Let me explain.

My initial goal for the Part I of the Marathon was to gain as much fat as I can in 6 weeks.

This will prove to all the people believing I am “naturally skinny and lean, so I don’t do anything about my shape”, that I am not naturally like that.

Naturally, I am gaining 1 kg of fat each week, and week 1 of the marathon proves it.

I wanted to make a statement that I am not just a lucky person who owns a slim body, and wants to teach others how to lose weight while she herself does not need that knowledge. 

No, I actually teach what works, from my own experience.

However, it happened so that I decided to share my experience with other girls for whom weight gain is an issue. Surprisingly enough, many people want to gain weight, not to lose it.

Obviously, it is not the weight these girls want, not the digit on their weights.

They want the shapes. They want the curves. They want this stunning body.

I am showing my own results in Instagram to prove I am gaining fat, and how it goes.

But I became concerned.

The problem is, MY type of fat gain is all about the stomach. I get huge fat belly that looks like I’m pregnant, fat sides and back, and double chin, while my hips, butt, and boobs stay small and flat.

(Now I hope you people understand why I struggle so much to keep myself lean for these 10 years hey)

And with this type of weight gain, I thought, how can I inspire anybody to gain weight? How can I stimulate people follow my advice, if they dream about getting these curves and I show only my fat belly?

I am scared to show myself as I am now, and I feel vulnerable. But people already participate in the Marathon, so I cannot let them down.

Hopefully, most girls have a different type of fat accumulation. Hopefully, they get the shapes they want. I can only teach how to gain that weight, but I cannot influence the manner their bodies will prefer to place that fat around.

So, I am sorry if someone does not find my pics attractive. I did not say this is a Grow Big Butt Marathon. I wanted to gain fat, and I can teach how to gain fat.


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