Gain Weight: Week 1 Day 5

Weight 53,9 kgs/ 118,8 lbs

I am gaining fat pretty fast, I honestly did not expect such speed.

I also started working on my muscle mass, and I know it will also increase quickly. However, I am not particularly interested in muscle, because during the Part II of the Marathon I will probably lose it back again.

My body does not like lots of heavy muscle mass, I have discovered this fact two years ago when I started working out in gym to increase my butt. You can read the story here, by the way.

I actually managed to gain some decent muscle mass back then, but the body started to feel heavy, so I returned to the previous “model body type” form.

However, in case the body does not accumulate healthy fat, building muscle is the only way to gain weight and improve the shape.

As for me, this is Day 5 and I am starting to feel bigger and heavier. Gosh. The last time I have been in this condition at the age of 15-17.

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