Gain Weight: Week 1 Day 4

Weight: 53,4 kgs/ 117,7 lbs

As I have told you yesterday, and as you can see on today’s photo, fat on belly is growing, butt and boobs are disappearing, the proportions become blurred (and I also have my skin patches on).

Because of this, starting from tomorrow, I will be working out with weights to balance the proportions of the body, and also to gain some heavy muscle mass.

And now, a funny story I forgot to tell on Sunday.

I went to a small coffee shop because I felt a bit hungry while having a walk, and when you gain weight, you have to eat immediately if you feel hungry. The woman who ordered coffee before me asked for one without sugar, without cream or milk, without topping – and you should have seen her face when I came up and asked for “something as sweet and fat as possible”. She glanced at me instantly with a mix of surprise and scorn; I believe I could be the first visitor since the creation of the coffee shop who asked for “something fat”, lol. 

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