Is It Possible to Drink Alcohol And Lose Weight?

The winter holidays are close, and more and more people tend to ask if they can actually drink alcohol and lose weight simultaneously. Obviously, if one is working hard to get rid of excess weight, one does not want to lose this momentum going. On the other hand, nobody wants to be a sober party-pooper on their friends’ crazy party.

I will tell straight away that yes, you can totally drink alcohol and lose weight.

Or gain weight. It depends.

But not on alcohol.

If you drink only alcohol, as an experiment, you will get a lot of calories. With some types of alcohol, like beer or cocktails, you will also feel pretty full. However, you will probably lose underskin fat, together with muscle tissues, because you will not get any nutrients to support the body. I know, this may sound as a propaganda of unhealthy drinking for the sake of weight loss, but it is not. Drinking for the sake of weight loss will send you in a yo-yo spin and you will not only regain your weight back, but also undermine your health.

Ok, I hope you decided not to consume only alcohol for the sake of weight loss. Let’s discuss a more probable scenario of your drinking AND also eating. Can you lose weight? Absolutely.

Can you gain weight? Absolutely!


It all depends on what you eat while you are drinking. Your diet defines the result.


So, if you are not planning to dive into an alcoholic frenzy for a month, you can enjoy your drinking safely and continue to lose weight all the way. 

But Ivanka, you can say, aren’t you still promoting an unhealthy lifestyle?

Well, I have to be honest with you. I know this may be politically incorrect, but you CAN drink and still lose weight.

The thing is, you can lose weight by eating super-healthy foods and fasting, and juicing, and working out, AND you can also lose weight by leading your usual life, eating sometimes healthy, sometimes not, even drink alcohol. This is how our body works. Losing or gaining weight does not correlate directly with a totally healthy lifestyle.

Living healthy is not equal to obligatory weight loss. You can lose weight eating usual foods and even drinking alcohol from time to time. 


Why One Can Drink Alcohol and Lose Weight Still?

Because losing weight means losing underskin fat, which gets burned by the body when all other sources of energy (carbs and fats consumed with foods recently) are gone. To make it sound more clever, weight loss starts when you burn more energy than you consume, and the body covers this difference by using its own fat.

This scheme will work both with healthy and not-so-healthy foods. Leading a healthy lifestyle, odds are you are more likely to lose weight. However, if you stimulate your metabolism and create the deficiency of energy, the body starts burning your fat whatever you eat. Almost whatever you eat.

As an adult person (at least as a person already able to read!), you should be aware that alcohol, in general, is not good for your body. But since you haven’t asked me if it is good for health, but whether you can drink it and continue to lose weight, I have to answer YES. Drink responsibly, and stick to your diet: you will be able to drink alcohol and lose weight at the same time while celebrating the New Year and stuff. 

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