About You

…You want to be more beautiful, to be a better version of yourself. At the same time, you aspire to be bigger than that.

You want to achieve goals in life, to be known for being a talented student, an expert in your field, a good person, a dream-come-true lover, best friend, best wife, best mom… and also for being beautiful.

You put efforts into activities that make you happy, that make you fulfilled, and this is the reason why you don’t want to waste much money on gym or spa – because, eventually, you have other things to do, things that are very important in your life and make you satisfied.

But at the same time, you cannot stop looking for weight management methods because you cannot quit your dream of being a successful AND beautiful person, while awesome fit and curvy body is a big chunk of your “being beautiful” vision.

I want to help you be whatever you want in life… and also beautiful.


About Me


I know from my experience that weight loss can be much easier and faster than we are taught to believe. 

This is a bit more complicated than weekly meal plans and generalized fitness instructions, but not rocket science either. Everybody can master it, and make the Superpower of awesome body their intuitive knowledge, for life. Forever.

I believe there’s more to happy life than wasting money and time trying to keep yourself in shape. Solve this issue once and for all, and be free to pursue other dreams!


I am Ivanka, I live in Kyiv, Ukraine.
I am an athlete, bellydancer, hiker, traveller, and weight management expert.

I have developed a Skinny as Superpower approach to weight management that allows to gain or lose weight, stay fit, and shape the body easily, simply utilising your body’s mechanisms and natural processes.

With a bit of knowledge, and a bit of skill, you will share what people around me call my SUPERPOWER – the ability to stay slim and fit no matter what.

P.S.: Initially it was about weight loss only, but I have discovered that many women and girls around the world struggle with healthy weight gain, so after my Marathon I have included healthy weight gain into the list of topics as well.




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